Ampleforth Abbey

24 March 2018

Ampleforth Abbey Orchards

Apples have been grown at Ampleforth, the country's northern-most commercial orchard, for well over one hundred years. Today, the orchard covers more than 2 hectares, with some 2,000 trees and more than 40 varieties of apples, including Ribston Pippin, originating from a tree grown locally at Ribston Hall in the 17th century, Ashmead's Kernal, Vista Bella, and Beauty of Bath.

Some of the apples are sold to visitors and others are juiced or used in the production of Ampleforth Abbey Cider and Ampleforth Cider Brandy.

The orchards are open to visitors and arrangements can be made by phoning the Lettings Department (01439 766085) or by sending an e-mail.

Group bookings can be made through Rachel Powell (01439 766085 /