Ampleforth Abbey

24 November 2017

Echoes of the Word

Reflections on the readings, feasts and seasons of the Church's year from the monastic community.

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At the end of October, the Monastic Community of Ampleforth Abbey moved out of the monastery to Bolton House (nearby on the same campus) where they will temporarily reside for the next 18 months whilst their home is fully refurbished for the first time in almost 100 years. Please click here to learn more.


Our Community

Here you will find information on St Benedict and his Rule, on our Patron Saints, and also a short history of the community. We explain what a vocation is, what the monastic vows mean, and what an Oblate is. You can also find reflections by the brethren on the Rule of St Benedict.


Our Work

We work in education and on parishes, as well as providing hospitality and retreats to our many visitors and guests. We have orchards and a shop and serve each other in many other ways. We also have a monastery in Zimbabwe.


Our Prayer

Monks pray the Divine Office together, but also use the Scriptures in an ancient, prayerful way called Lectio Divina. Here you can also find copies of homilies and other information about how monks pray.


Ampleforth Diary

News from the Monastic Community, Old Amplefordians, SMA and the College. 

Live streaming of services

You can now listen live to our celebration of Mass and the Divine Office.

To listen live please click here.

(This page gives details about recent changes to the live streaming arrangements. Please note there may be problems with the quality of the live streaming at present. We hope to resolve them this week.)