Ampleforth Abbey

24 March 2018

Welcome to our website

Whether you are looking for information or inspiration we hope your visit proves worthwhile today.


Our Community

Here you will find information on St Benedict and his Rule, on our Patron Saints, and also a short history of the community. We explain what a vocation is, what the monastic vows mean, and what an Oblate is. You can also find reflections by the brethren on the Rule of St Benedict.


Our Work

We work in education and on parishes, as well as providing hospitality and retreats to our many visitors and guests. We have orchards and a shop and serve each other in many other ways. We also have a monastery in Zimbabwe.


Our Prayer

Monks pray the Divine Office together, but also use the Scriptures in an ancient, prayerful way called Lectio Divina. Here you can also find copies of homilies and other information about how monks pray.


Ampleforth Diary

News from the Monastic Community, Old Amplefordians, SMA and the College. 

Live streaming of services

You can now listen live to our celebration of Mass and the Divine Office.

To listen live please click here.

(This page gives details about recent changes to the live streaming arrangements. Please note there may be intermittent problems with the live streaming at present. We are working to resolve them.)

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)

Ampleforth Abbey is committed to providing the highest possible standards when it comes to looking after those entrusted to our care, and welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with IICSA. We offer a heartfelt apology to anyone who suffered abuse in our schools, monastery, parishes or other ministries. Victims and survivors who wish to talk to us are welcome to do so and are encouraged to email, Safeguarding Coordinator or telephone him on 01439 766013. We also have a confidential helpline run by Survive York for anyone seeking help who does not want to speak to us; please contact 0808 145 1890 or 01904 803927. To learn more about our involvement with IICSA, please click here.