Ampleforth Abbey

25 June 2017

Services in the Abbey Church

Visitors are welcome to attend services in the Abbey Church, where they will be directed to seating in the monastic choir by one of the monks. Priests wishing to concelebrate at the Conventual Mass are kindly requested to provide a celebret less than one year old, in accordance with canon 903 of the Code of Canon Law. 

6.00am Matins (6.45am on Sundays)

7.15am Lauds (8.00am on Sundays)

8.45am Conventual Mass (10.00am on Sundays)

1.00pm Little Hour 

6.00pm Vespers (at 6.30pm on some Tuesdays; 6.20pm on Sundays, followed by Benediction)

8.15pm Compline (on Fridays in term-time there is Schola Mass at 8.00pm instead)

Services today

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