Ampleforth Abbey

25 February 2018

June Oblates' Retreat

Image: Attendees of the most recent Oblates' retreat. These are just a few of Ampleforth's many Oblates, who come from all over the world and all walks of life. They are a very important part of the wider Ampleforth family.


Every year, Oblates of Ampleforth Abbey (and others who may be interested) are invited to spend a few days here on retreat. A retreat is held in the summer and another during Advent. Last week the latest retreat for Oblates took place at the Abbey, led by Fr Philip, the Oblate Master.

Oblates are Catholic men and women over 18 who have felt themselves drawn to share in the prayer of the monastic community, and who value the support to living their faith in the world offered by the Rule of St Benedict. A 12 month period of Candidacy precedes a request to be admitted as an Oblate. The Oblation rite normally takes place during Conventual Mass, to underline the fact that Oblates identify themselves with the life of the Community as a whole; it is also a reminder that Oblates are remembered daily in the prayer of the Community.

During the June retreat, two more Oblates made their Commitment, promising to re-dedicate themselves to the service of Christ and to follow the Rule of St Benedict insofar as is appropriate for them, particularly by praying in union with the monastic Community at Ampleforth.

Fr Philip also gave a series of talks under the heading of 'Give Peace a Chance?' These talks explored the question of what “peace” might mean when seen in the light of Scripture and the life and teaching of Christ.

To find out more about what it means to be a Benedictine Oblate of Ampleforth, visit our Oblates page by clicking here. You can also contact the Oblate Master by e-mail.

For more general information on making a retreat at Ampleforth, visit our Hospitality site.