Ampleforth Abbey

24 March 2018

New Altar for the Abbey Church 

Work is continuing on the new Altar for the Abbey Church. Anthony Pooleman and Terry Harrington give us the following update on progress:

Cramping Up

All four parts for the main frame have been hand carved then sanded.

Tooling the Moulds

The top moulds have now been machined and are been hand tooled and sanded ready for fitting to the Altar.

Adzing the Top

The Altar top is getting an Adze finish which quite a physical procedure.


After Adzing scraping follows. This preps the Adzing for sanding.


Helen has started to mix stain samples on off cuts from the Altar, to get a match to the existing furniture in the church.

A further update will follow on this exciting project this week as we prepare to take the Altar down to the Abbey Church on Thursday.