Ampleforth Abbey

24 March 2018

Fr Henry and the Bible Reading Fellowship

Fr Henry has recently been interviews by Radio 3 ahead of a programme to be aired over the Easter weekend.  The programme is on the Psalms and Fr Henry has been giving an insight on the history, origin and influence of the Psalms in Jewish and Christian worship.  His own commentary on the Psalms will shortly be out in a second edition.  Fr Henry says:

"For some decades I have written regularly for the Bible Reading Fellowship. This is basically an Anglican organisation which publishes, among other things, a quarterly pocket-book on Bible readings, a couple of weeks on each book or topic, a couple of pages a day.  Like many Anglican organisations it is ecumenical and very open to those of other Church traditions.  I have been writing for them regularly since at least 1994 as one of the only Catholics involved; similarly the Bible Society (which distributes some 175 million copies of the Bible each year, in 1,400 languages), though they do now have a Catholic on the Board.

"I get more feedback from this than from any other writing that I do.  I receive letters from all over the world, including South Africa and Australia. In 2010 I was commissioned to write a series on the Psalms (twelve at a time, three times a year), which were eventually gathered together into a single book.  When this went out of print I was badgered again and again for copies, and have given my last copies away!  Eventually, I suggested to the Bible Reading Fellowship that they re-print it, which they have now done – to be issued in March."