Ampleforth Abbey

24 February 2018

Work in the monastery

While schools, hospitality and parishes are Ampleforth's major works, many of the monks contribute to the life of the Community in a number of other ways. The Abbot himself is a 'Father' ('Abba') to the Community, while the day-to-day running of the monastery is entrusted to the Prior. Other responsible roles include Novice Master, Junior Master, Choir Master, Master of Ceremonies, Sacristan, Infirmarian and Guest Master. Some monks also look after gardens or do crafts (such as candle-making and book-binding). Many lay staff also work alongside the monastic Community.

Ampleforth Abbey and monastery is home to a community, a family of monks. The members of this family care for each other and serve each other. And when some of the monks become too old or infirm to continue in their active ministry they still serve the whole Community with their humble patience and prayer.